Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Puppy


Choosing the right veterinarian for your german sheppered is very important for the ultimate in health when planning on raising a dog for breeding purposes. Actually having a good veterinarian is very important, no matter what phase of life your dog is in, or what your plan is for his or her future. All dogs deserve to be happy and healthy. In particularity we are going to talk about German Shepherd puppies. Continue reading “Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Puppy” »

What to look for when choosing a German Shepherd puppy

breed gsd structure

When you choose your German Shepherd puppy its essential that you take your time and choose wisely. This may sound obvious, but its easy to become awe struck at the sight of these adorably cute puppies and let your heart rule your head. There is a wealth of information and advice concerning how to check your potential new puppy’s well being and health. This is due in part to the unfortunate number of illegal and unscrupulous breeders out there who breed and sell puppies purely for financial gain. Although numerous animal welfare organizations and charities are working hard to control this, unfortunately this still happens. Sadly it is most prevalent among pure bred dogs and German Shepherds have fallen prey to these monsters.

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Puppy Vaccinations


Before discussing your puppy’s vaccination requirements let us first consider the various names used to talk about the injections we give to puppies. Immunizations, inoculations and vaccinations are all words used to describe the method of protecting our animals from disease and illness. What are the differences?

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How to Train a German Shepherd


You should ideally begin training your German Shepherd puppies at seven weeks of age. However before commencing any training program, your new puppy needs to be socialized. This is hugely important as he will need to be able to adapt to a wide variety of different situations. For example,coping with strangers and greeting other dogs whilst out on walks. Usually, but not always Socialization is part of the training program. Training an older dog requires different approach and will be considered a little later on
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House Training Dogs to Stop Wetting


Want to know the many reasons why some dogs have problems controlling their bladders or, worse still, their bowel movements? If you are like the majority of owners you are probably uncertain why you’re pet does this and are puzzled as to what you should do about the problem. Even dogs that have already been trained and are thought to be housebroken can develop these problems.

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German Shepherd breeders in Australia


German shepherds are highly desirable and popular due to their unique physical and personality traits. They originated in Germany as herding dogs and were renowned for their high intelligence and diligence as working dogs. They have been used by police and law enforcement work and as Guard dogs. They are also the breed of choice for guide dogs within Australia, where their origins within Australia can be traced back to the 1920’s. it is interesting to note that there was an import ban with German Shepherds up until the 1970’s. However after much trial and error lobbying parliament, this was relaxed and many trials of German Shepherd dogs demonstrating their unique ability as working dogs led to this ban being permanently lifted. Below is a list of five different breeders from within the Northern, southern and Western areas of Australia

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Cute German Shepherd Pictures


At first glance he could easily be mistaken as a different breed. However,this is the American German Shepherd, a direct descendant of the German Shepherd. Identical in every way except in color which is always white, originated from the United States, Canada and Europe

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Crate Training Puppies


Well, am I joking?

There are two lines of thought, those that believe it is cruel and those that think it is the best way to train a puppy or even an older dog. The thought of putting a dog into a small cage or, as they are better known, a small crate may sound cruel and many people would be disgusted with the suggestion. However, if used correctly this could be far from the truth, Providing the crate isn’t used for punishment or to retain the puppy for long periods then crate training puppies can be a very effective and kind way to teach your pet.

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