German Shepherd breeders in Australia


German shepherds are highly desirable and popular due to their unique physical and personality traits. They originated in Germany as herding dogs and were renowned for their high intelligence and diligence as working dogs. They have been used by police and law enforcement work and as Guard dogs. They are also the breed of choice for guide dogs within Australia, where their origins within Australia can be traced back to the 1920’s. it is interesting to note that there was an import ban with German Shepherds up until the 1970’s. However after much trial and error lobbying parliament, this was relaxed and many trials of German Shepherd dogs demonstrating their unique ability as working dogs led to this ban being permanently lifted. Below is a list of five different breeders from within the Northern, southern and Western areas of Australia

The German Shepherd Dog Club Of Victoria

In 1974 the German Shepherd dog club of Victoria was founded. They have become established as one of the largest welfare organisations within Australia. Their comprehensive Web Site offers advice on all aspects of German Shepherd health and well being. They also have a list of reputable breeders who meet adhere to their strict standards.


Grand-west Kennels

Located in Perth, they are an excellent caring and reputable breeder. They have also received significant awards most notably the best breeders of 2012 by the German Shepherd Dog Council. Their puppies are fully wormed from birth and they receive their first vaccination before being re homed. They state that all of their puppies that they sell meet the following requirements:

  1. A file containing Photographs of both parents and of the puppy.
  2. Copies of both parents hip and elbows certificated.
  3. Diet information
  4. Dogs West Registration Certificate.
  5. Breed Survey (Temperament Testing) certificate for both parents.
  6. Vaccination Card.

Van Harley Kennels Location Victoria

These breeders are outstanding their German Shepherds have a large 23 acre plot to run around in. These breeders have won many awards and have adhered to all the notable breed improvement schemes. Their dogs are well cared for and they are also proud German shepherd owners

ICCARA Location Perth

These breeders have a list of current litters available and upcoming and planned litters. They have also been winners of various breed awards


German Shepherds Location New South Wales

These devoted breeders even have their own Facebook page and they also get to spend time with the family whilst waiting to be sold. They have a list of current and planned litters and all of their puppies receive thorough health checks.

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